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Caitlin Kwaijtaal is a 2d animator and illustrator, based in the Netherlands.

She graduated from St.joost Art Academy in 2020 with a Bachelor of Art degree in illustrated & animated storytelling.
Caitlin is mainly concerned with exploring 2d animation, in which she does not limit herself to specific styles or software. The most important is that the style adds to the story being told. Always eager to learn, Caitlin is always looking for new ways of storytelling, both in visual language and in medium. Her personal work is mainly focused on developing fictional worlds, in which what-if scenarios, escapism or social relationships often play a major role. Caitlin’s qualities lie in setting up story concepts and building atmosphere in (moving) images.
In her spare time she often goes beyond the 2d medium and makes various hand made items; from costumes and dicebags to booknooks.

Caitlin likes to work in a team and can fulfill different roles from concept and development to production.

What I can offer:

2D animations: cel and roto – digital or analogue

Illustrations: prints/posters, cards, backgrounds, characters and styleframes – digital or analogue

Physical Artworks like lino prints, murals and dioramas/booknooks.


Worked on projects for…

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress



ToonBoom Harmony

Clip Studio Paint EX


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe AfterEffects

Adobe Premiere

Exhibitions & Appearances

2020| Presentation BNO IMG Lab Pioniers, Rotterdam

Presentation about the making process of Bottled Up, presented together with Kimberley Rochat

2019| Exhibition ‘What if…?’, AKV St. Joost, Breda

Installation ‘Vluchtelingen Stemwijzer’ in collaboration with Saskia Gerrits and Don den Boef

2019| Exhibition ‘Space Invaders’, Minitopia, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Film ‘ff k-APPen nou’ in collaboration with Inge Hinskens

2018| Presentation Provincie Brabant, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

Presentation about research into social public spaces (‘Bubbel Brekend’), presented together with Inge Hinskens and Joep Nysten

2018| Exhibition ‘Spanning aan de grens’, Museum Veenendaal

Animation ‘Het Vredenhof’ in collaboration with Kimberley Rochat

2018| Exhibition ‘Monumentale Verhalen’, Huis Doorn

Animation ‘Het Vredenhof’ in collaboration with Kimberley Rochat

2018| Showreel Illustration Biennale Haarlem

Shortened version of the animation “Geef gehoor aan de zee”

2018| Exhibition ‘Boek in Beeld’, De Verkadefabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Sculpture ‘Vast in het ijs’ (‘stuck in the ice ) and a new bookcover for ‘De ijsmakers’

2017| Showreel 25 year anniversary Museum De Pont, Tilburg

Animation ‘Herinner Herinneringen’